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FAYAT MIXING PLANTS Division composed of long experienced MARINI, MARINI-ERMONT and SAE Companies, has an unrivaled range of solutions for recycling. These three manufacturers have a complementary range and benefit each of a long term experience in their own field.

This global experience allows us to provide answers for all problems of our clients


Recyclage 35%
Continuous - TSM
ERMONT TSM technology is designed to get a R.A.P. recycling ring up to 35%.
Recyclage 50%
Continuous - Retroflux
ERMONT RETROFLUX technology is designed to get a R.A.P. regular recycling rate up to 50%.
Continuous - TRX
Based on a drying process using two drums in tandem, linked to a continuous mixer with 2 synchronised shafts, the TRX technology is the only technology in the world that makes it possible to recycle up to 100% of RAP.
Recyclage 30%
Batch - Mixer
R.A.P. introduction through mixer is a technology designed by MARINI, enabling to get 30 % recycling rate.
Recyclage 100%
Cold mix plant
Cold mix technology is an long experienced know-how by FAYAT. SAE has designed a lot of equipment (SAM, Roadliner, Packliner, etc.) enabling to produce any kind of cold mix for roads construction, with the possibility to recycle R.A.P. up to 100%

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