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Continuous - TSX

Recycling from 0 to 70%



The TSX technology ensures a total remobilization of the binder which is essential for guaranteeing the hard wearing of very-high-recycling-rates road surfaces.

Respectful of the environment, it guarantees even lower emissions than those allowed by current restrictions.

TSX technology | Video

Recycling up to 70%

Invented in 2020 by MARINI-ERMONT, the TSX technology is the result of MARINI-ERMONT’s 40 years of experience in recycling technologies.
Based on a drying process using one single drum, linked to a continuous mixer with 2 synchronized shafts, the TSX technology is the only technology that makes it possible to recycle up to 70% of RAP with a single burner, while preserving RAP and ensuring total remobilization of the binder.

The dryer drum has 3 zones:

 Combustion chamber
 Aggregates drying & over-heating + lowering of gases' temperatures + anti-radiation screen
 RAP drying & heating + binder transfer from RAP to aggregates + binder remobilization (initial phase)

The twin shaft mixer ensures the blending of imported bitumen to finalize full-binder remobilization




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    New technology born from 40 years of experience

  • TSM-13-68472-ARMEE-compresse.jpg

    Very high recycling rate (up to 70%)

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    RAP protection

  • TSM-13-68472-ARMEE-compresse.jpg

    Respects the environment

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    Full binder remobilization

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    Flawless HMA quality

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