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Continuous - TRX


Invented in 2017 by MARINI-ERMONT, the TRX technology is the result of MARINI-ERMONT’s 40 years of experience in recycling technologies.

Based on a drying process using two drums in tandem, linked to a continuous mixer with 2 synchronised shafts, the TRX technology is the only technology in the world that makes it possible to recycle up to 100% of RAP with a single burner, while also ensuring total remobilisation of the binder.

Recyclage jusqu'à 100 %

The first versatile drum has two functions:

  • Drying of the aggregates and lowering of gas temperatures for recycling rates below 100%.
  • Generator of hot air for a recycling rate of 100%.

The second drum ensures the drying of the asphalt aggregates through exchange with slightly overheated aggregates and/or gases at moderate temperatures, as well as the transfer of RAP binder onto the aggregates.

A recirculation of the gases from the second drum in the flame of the first drum allows an adjustment of the temperature of the gases from the hot air generator and reduces emissions by incineration.

The mixer, located at the output of the second drum, performs the mixing of the imported binder and any rejuvenator and also preserves

The TRX technology ensures a total remobilisation of the binder, which is essential for guaranteeing the lifetime of road surfaces created with very high, and even extreme, recycling rates.

Respectful of the environment, it guarantees lower emissions than those allowed by the regulations in force.

  • flèche icone
    Extreme recycling rate (100%)
  • flèche icone
    New patented technology
  • flèche icone
    Protection of RAP
  • flèche icone
  • flèche icone
  • flèche icone
    Total binder remobilization
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    Unbeatable HMA quality
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