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Continuous - Retroflux


ERMONT RETROFLUX technology is based on a counterflow drying process with high performance. The dryer drum mixer is divided into two separate zone: one for drying, the other for R.A.P. recycling and coating. Possible bitumen vapours generated during mixing are totally burnt by the flame of the burner.

This process designed by ERMONT in 1989, was at first the most famous reference globally considering ecology and environment. Since then this technology has been popular worlwide because of its environmentally friendly & economical advantage.

ERMONT RETROFLUX technology remains the most environmentally friendly solution, even after 25 years.


  • A 25 years lasting experience!
  • High recycling rate
  • Low operating costs
  • Energy savings
  • Quality and homogeneity of mixes
  • The most environmentally friendly solution
  • Output from 50 to 450 T/h
  • Small to large contracts
  • Any kind of mobility
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