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TSX range

Recycle at very high rates while protecting the environment


The TSX technology allows our clients to recycle up to 70 % RAP without compromising on HMA quality or the environment.


Usine d'enrobés asphalt plant MARINI-ERMONT TSX


The TSX is a hot-mix asphalt plant that can recycle up to 70% of RAP, available in supermobile, transferable and stationary versions. Result of 40 years of experience gathered by MARINI-ERMONT in recycling technologies, this innovation aims to help our clients in their exceptional projects.

The TSX range

  Recycling Warm-mix asphalt Outputs (t/h)
TSX 22 Up to 70%             Yes   120 - 270
TSX 26 Up to 70%             Yes   160 - 380
TSX 28 Up to 70%             Yes   200 - 450


Quality & recycling up to 70%

The TSX technology ensures a total binder remobilization, vital to guarantee the quality and hard-wearing of asphalt produced at high and very high recycling rates (from 0 to 70%).


Environment protection is ensured by a counter-flow low temperature RAP heating technology that, while protecting the binder, avoids emissions generation at the source.


The extreme flexibility of the TSX allows the adjustment of production outputs, formulas, production temperatures and recycling rates (from 0 to 70%) to offer our clients a versatile solution to all kinds of jobs.

Key points

  • flèche icone

    Supermobile, transferable and stationary

  • Gamme MARINI

    Recycling from 0 to 70%

  • DSCN0082.jpg

    Respects the environment

  • Centrales à froid

    Total binder remobilization

  • background

    Unique in the world

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