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TSM range

The rock-solid supermobile asphalt plant

TSM range

The TSM range of Marini-Ermont offers supermobile continuous asphalt plants, robust and easy to use. 


TSM 15 MARINI-ERMONT usine d'enrobés asphalt plant


The TSM is a supermobile continuous asphalt plant, robust and easy to use. Available in 3 models to cover small-,medium- and some large-sized projects on the move.

Equipped with parallel flow Dryer Drum Mixer technology, it can easily produce all types of asphalt and recycle up to 35% RAP.

The TSM range

  Recycling Warm-mix asphalt Outputs (t/h)
TSM 13 Up to 35%              Yes       40 - 110
TSM 15 Up to 35%              Yes       60 - 150
TSM 17 Up to 35%              Yes       90 - 230


High quality mix with maximum cost efficiency

Using high-tech dosing, mixing and automation systems for all ingredients to guarantee the highest performances with homogeneous final mix together
with optimized operation costs.

Multi-pack: easy & quick to move to any place

Ergonomic & comfortable design made for the user. Quick and easy to transport, to install, to connect and to calibrate, without crane or civil engineering, to guarantee the lowest transfer cost in its class.

Simple to operate and easy to maintain

Thanks to its strong and efficient design, the TSM is a simple, proven machine, extremely easy to use. Thanks to its low maintenance costs, it remains the most affordable recycling solution.

Key points

  • Recyclage

    High quality HMA

  • flèche icone


  • Gamme MARINI

    Recycling (up to 35%)

  • Centrales discontinues

    High energy efficiency


    The user comes first



TSM 15


TSM 13


TSM 13


TSM 17


TSM 15


TSM 13

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