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TRX 100%

The ultimate ecological solution

TRX 100%

 The patented Marini-Ermont TRX 100% is the ultimate recycling solution thanks to its RAP recycling rate that can go up to 100%.


TRX 100%

TRX 100%

The TRX 100% is the first supermobile hot-mix asphalt plant in the world to be able to recycle up to 100% of RAP, and is available in supermobile, supertransferable and transferable or stationary version.

MARINI-ERMONT rose to this challenge using the TRX new patented technology to help its customers with the development of 100% recycled roads.

The TRX 100%

  Recycling Warm-mix asphalt Output (t/h)
TRX 100% Up to 100%             Yes   150 - 430


Quality & recycling from 0 to 100%

The patented TRX technology guarantees homogeneous, high quality HMA, with total remobilisation of the binder regardless of recycling rates (from 0 to 100%).


Protection of the environment is ensured by the parallel flow, low temperature asphalt heating technology, which, while protecting the binder, prevents the generation of emissions at the source.


Each work site presents its own characteristics and constraints. The TRX is versatile: it can be adapted to suit production outputs, formulations, production temperatures and recycling rates (from 0 to 100%).

Key points

  • flèche icone

    Supermobile & transferable/stationary

  • Gamme MARINI

    Extreme recycling (up to 100%)

  • DSCN0082.jpg

    Respects the environment

  • Centrales à froid

    Total binder remobilization

  • background

    Unique in the world

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