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RF 160 NEO

The greenest stationary city plant

RF 160 NEO

The RF 160 Neo is the latest generation, recycling, continuous asphalt plant. 


RF 160 NEO MARINI-ERMONT usine d'enrobés asphalt plant

RF 160 NEO

The RF 160 Neo is a latest-genration, recycling, continuous asphalt plant. A customizable modular asphalt plant able to meet the current needs of contractors seeking a modern, reliable and economical production resource which is also environmentally friendly.

Equipped with counterflow RETROFLUX ERMONT technology. It can recycle up to 50% RAP and produce all types of high-quality asphalt at very low cost over a flow range of 80 to 160 T/h.

It is perfectly intended for small- and medium-sized projects

ECO-transferable / Stationary


Optimum compactness suitable for both rural areas and cramped urban sites

Visual impact

Reduced height and surfaces area for possible set-up within buildings (low visual impact)

Sound impact

Noise reduction is taken care of at the source for personnel and neighbors (easy integration in its environment)

Technological advantages

  • background

    ERMONT RETROFLUX technology

    Counter flow continuous coating process

  • DSCN0082.jpg

    ECO-transferable / stationary concept

    Asphalt plant urban integration

  • Gamme MARINI


    Up to 50% RAP recycled

  • Centrales continues

    Warm-mix asphalt

    With chemical additives or foam bitumen

  • Centrales discontinues


    Very low energy consumption

RF 160 NEO MARINI-ERMONT usine d'enrobés asphalt plant



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