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RF NEO range

The greenest stationary asphalt plant

RF NEO range

The RF Neo range of Marini-Ermont offers a new generation of recycling supermobile continous aspahlt plants. 


RF 400 NEO MARINI-ERMONT usine d'enrobés asphalt plant


The RF Neo is a new-generation, recycling, continuous asphalt plant designed to meet the current needs of contractors seeking a modern, reliable and economical production resource which is also environmentally friendly.

Equipped with the counterflow RETROFLUX ERMONT technology, it can recycle up to 50% RAP and produces all types of high quality asphalt at very low cost.

The RF NEO range

  Recycling Warm-mix asphalt Outputs (t/h)
RF 160 NEO Up to 50%             Yes   80 - 160
RF 200 NEO Up to 50%             Yes   110 - 230
RF 300 NEO Up to 50%             Yes   140 - 300
RF 400 NEO Up to 50%             Yes   160 - 360


High quality mix with maximum cost efficiency                                                                           

Jam-packed with cutting-edge technologies, the RF Neo has been designed to support road builders in their ongoing quest to produce high quality asphalt at very low cost.




True concentrate of technology for clear and simple operation                                       

A world first in term of energy consumption, thanks largely to our ECO-technologies (ECOdry, ECOdrive, ECOenergy, ECOstart, ECOflame and  RECYCLEAN).
The RF Neo also stands out due to the limited environmental impacts of each component, in compliance with the requirements for sustainable road-building.

Customizable modular asphalt plant to fit all customers requirements

The RF Quick, based on the core modules, is more mobile with its ECO transportable concept and remains upgradeable to meet new needs.
The RF Neo is more suited to the urban world with a wide range of additional equipment in order to match all specificities of any jobsite. A City version is available to fit into industrial buildings

Key points

  • Recyclage

    High quality HMA

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  • Gamme MARINI

    High recycling rate (up to 50%)

  • Centrales discontinues

    High energy efficiency


    The user comes first

RF 200 NEO | Video



RF 300 Neo


RF 400 Neo


RF 300 Neo


RF 160 Neo


RF 200 Neo


RF 200 Neo

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