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RF 160 Explorer


RF 160 Explorer

The RF 160 Explorer is a containerized supertransferable continuous asphalt plant.


RF 160 Explorer
A supertransferable continuous asphalt plant, composed of CSC-approved containers, equipped with RETROFLUX ERMONT technology, it can recycle up to 50% of RAP on a flow range of 80 to 160 t/h.

Thanks to its intelligent container format with on-board mobility, the EXPLORER concept can be transferred
anywhere in the world by road, sea or rail, with record transport costs and the shortest assembly/disassembly times.
EXPLORER | No more limit for HMA production
  • Supertransferability

    Strategic solution composed of smart containers allowing transfer from one jobsite to another at the lowest costs.

  • High-quality mix

    As a leader in continuous technology asphalt plants and thanks to its many other developed technologies, MARINI-ERMONT allows to produce asphalt of impeccable quality.

  • Return on investment

    Investing in our EXPLORER asphalt plants gives you the guarantee of producing high quality asphalt at unbeatable costs.

  • ECO-responsibility

    Environmental issues are a major concern for us. The latest innovations are integrated into the EXPLORER range to enable asphalt mixes production that respect our planet.

  • Safety

    Ergonomics and safety are essential requirements. We focus on the safety of your staff in the design of our facilities and their daily operation.

  • High recycling rate

    Our RETROFLUX ERMONT technology allow you to recycle up to 50% of RAP, guaranteeing quality, profitability and environmental friendliness.

  • Energy

    Our technical solutions, which have been proven across the whole EXPLORER range of plants, make it possible to achieve the lowest levels of energy consumption.


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