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RoadBatch range



MARINI-ERMONT is the leader in term of technology for supermobile batch asphalt plants.

With over 35 years of experience and references on all continents, our RoadBatch ERMONT completes the FAYAT’s offer to match our customers needs.


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The ROADBATCH is a supermobile batch asphalt plant perfectly intended for small- and medium-sized projects on the move for which the aggregates screening is necessary.
Unrivaled solution using similar technologies as stationary batch plants with self-erecting tower, it can recycle up to 30% RAP and produces all types of hot and warm mixes.

Our standard high quality mix with maximum cost efficiency

The high-tech dosing, mixing and automation systems for all ingredients guarantee an accurate dosing and grading curve of the aggregates even in by-pass screen mode.

The most versatile solution to move at any place

Unique in the world with its tower erection in less than 20 min, the ROADBATCH guarantees the lowest transfer costs in its class with more than 15 years of experience. Quick and easy to transport, to install and to connect without crane and without civil engineering.


Simple to operate and easy to maintain

Secure and quick access to all components thanks to an ergonomic design made for the user during installation, production control and maintenance operations.


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High quality mix & Supermobility
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Recycling & Energy saving technology
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