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The RM 120 Allroad, the latest model of the Roadmaster range, has just been erected and commissioned to produce hot-mix in Pacific ocean area

The RM 120 Allroad meets all customers’ requirements. Thanks to its small size, it was easily positioned onto the jobsite, and since the highest point of the plant doesn’t exceed 5 m, it is smoothly integrated into the environment.

Furthermore, the RM 120 Allroad produces high quality hot-mix asphalt, whereas the energetic consumption is optimized. Thanks to the retroflux drum mixer and the burner with air assistance, the emissions are drastically low.

The RM 120 Allroad is also super mobile, thus enables to reduce significantly the transfers costs. Since its all-roader design, the plant is able to get as close as possible to the jobsite, anywhere in the world.

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