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Marini-Ermont still winner of Intermat Innovation awards !

MARINI-ERMONT, in partnership with EUROVIA, invents the first mobile continuous asphalt plant in the world, recycling up to 100% of asphalt aggregates. 

For this innovation, COMPEXPOSIUM / INTERMAT awarded MARINI-ERMONT the prize “EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY” in the cluster of expertise “Roads, Minerals & Foundations”

TRX 100% becomes the multi-purpose tool for road-building sites of the future. It is used to recycle 0 to 100% of asphalt aggregates, over extensive production and temperature ranges.

Extremely mobile, TRX 100% can be implemented rapidly, very close to road-building sites. The bulk of the supply, i.e. asphalt aggregates, can be sourced from milling materials produced by the site, partly or fully protecting natural resources and reducing transport logistics to a minimum, together with the site’s carbon footprint.

Patented TRX 100% technology, based on the drying of asphalt aggregates at low temperature, reuses and preserves the binder of asphalt aggregates. Longer mixing times, together with a unique heating system, guarantee the production of “recycled” asphalt and reuse of all its old binder.

TRX 100% becomes the most efficient and greenest mobile recycling solution in the world.

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