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MARINI-ERMONT : a resolutely high-tech training center

Whether for our own employees or for our customers, professional training has always been an essential activity for the companies in the Road Building Division. The technology and tools provided to participants in these training sessions have inevitably evolved to keep up with innovations in the equipment designed by our R&D teams.

In its 20 years of existence, the Marini-Ermont’s training centre has welcomed over 2,000 professionals from all the business lines of the road building industry. The building underwent a radical transformation in 2015 to provide a unique training facility on a par with the expertise of the brand.

Ranked as Europe’s leading training center for the road building industry, it has an area of 500 m² with 12 training modules focused on the core business of hot and cold asphalt and bitumen engineering, with programmes comprising 50% theory and 50% practice.

52 interactive models of production plants on a scale of 1:5 enable participants to simulate work in a real situation in total autonomy: starting up the plant, handling breakdowns and unexpected events and so on. One major feature is the training provided in the ECO-management of production plants.

In terms of theory, the center keeps up to date with advances in digital techniques, such as the generalization of virtual reality which literally takes participants into the very heart of the asphalt plants.

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