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Marini-Ermont extension of the assembly and test zone

This summer project (June-September) undertaken by Razel-Bec with Bomag machines, made more difficult by its accompanying heat-wave and the tight business schedule of Marini-Ermont, allowed numerous improvements to the assembly of the asphalt plants manufactured on the site and in their subsequent tests.

Marini-Ermont has undertaken the extension of its assembly and test zone dedicated to its fixed and mobile asphalt plants. The outdoor area of 7,500m2 now available, with 4,300m2 in asphalt (for the storage of light machines and roads) and 3,200m2 in concrete (for the storage of heavy equipment) has also made it possible to considerably improve shipments thanks to the creation of a open area grouping together spare parts, packaging and bulk shipments. Completed by the Razel-Bec agency in Lyon, the work involved the use of a Bomag tandem roller and a rubber-tyred roller, with a host of positive effects as a result: greater safety, simplified handling, better working conditions, increased cleanliness, preservation of the quality of new products… and an improved company image!

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