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Inauguration of the first RF 200 Neo at P2R

On July 8th,2015, Mr André Roibet, Chairman of the Tebior Group, inaugurated the first new generation RF 200 NEO asphalt plant purchased by his subsidiary P2R in Pusignan (69).

Several special guests, among them Mr Jean-Claude Fayat, were present at this event along with P2R and Marini-Ermont representatives.

Using the counterflow RETROFLUX ERMONT technology, the RF 200 Neo asphalt plant of P2R uses also the most recent technological innovations, such as the RF 160 neo, which was awarded a prize during the 2015 Intermat fair and exhibited at Fayat’s booth last April.

Its main features include a low energy consumption and limited environmental impact, thanks to a lot of innovative processes, such as:

  •  ECOstart: System with Retrobatch door, which reduces material wastage at the start and end of production
  • ECOenergy: System which analyses and manages all types of energy consumption ratios
  • ECOflame: System which enables to schedule burner speed adjustment
  • RECYclean: Maintenance-free solution with a very high rate in the recycling ring

Moreover, the RF 200 Neo provides great flexibility of use in order to meet the needs on site, thanks to peripheral equipment, such as:

  •    3 x 60 T HMA long-term storage silos, asked by Gérard Kolbel, one of the managers of Siorat (historical partner of P2R), which enables continuous supply during nights or week-end
  •  Solid additive feeding system for high-precision dosing
  •  Dope dosing kit in container, with storage, dosing and transport systems for liquid additives.

Thanks to successful cooperation with P2R team and public work division of the Tebior Group, it only took 11 weeks to go from plant construction to the first hot-mix asphalt production. The layout around the asphalt plant has been also completely re-designed (bitumen storage, heater, social rooms, etc…).

After only 3 months of running, the RF 200 Neo has already produced more than 40,000 tons of hot-mix asphalt: A proven installation.

To highlight some of its characteristics, the RF 200 Neo asphalt plant can produce with a recycling rate up to 50%, with a production range from 110 to 230 T/h and provides great flexibility of use and can meet to all production needs.

This new adventure with André Roibet confirms a partnership started many years ago: with its RM 160 Marini-Ermont plant, P2R has produced more than 1,800,000 tons over the last 20 years. Regularly maintained, the RM 160 asphalt plant is going to be transferred to another site and will have a second life.

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