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  • 1924
    Birth of the Company
    Albert LOUCHE creates LES CHAUDRONNERIES D’ERMONT (in Ermont city near Paris) for boiler and road equipment manufacturing
  • 1931
    The first asphalt plants
    LES CHAUDRONNERIES D’ERMONT starts manufacturing batch type asphalt plants and specializes in cold and hot mix asphalt plants.
  • 1950
    ERMONT expands its range of products
    ERMONT launches their first mobile asphalt plants
  • 1961
    ERMONT moves to a new industrial site
    ERMONT integrates CAFL COMPAGNIE DES ATELIERS ET FORGES DE LA LOIRE GROUP and relocates to St Chamond and then Lorette (1970), the current location. At the same time, ERMONT Management and R&D Department is established in Paris, Rue de la Rochefoucauld. These departments are finally regrouped and relocated to Lorette in 1972. The range of HMA plants is extended to both mobile and stationary, continuous and batch types. On top of that, ERMONT also manufactures equipment for road maintenance (finishers, chip spreaders, etc.) until the end of 80s.
  • 1976
    Launching of the TSM
    This year is a milestone for ERMONT with the launch of their best-seller, the dryer drum mixer TSM asphalt plant.
  • 1984
    ERMONT is bought by the American Group STANDARD HAVENS seeking to establish themselves in Europe
  • 1987
    FAYAT Group acquires ERMONT
    ERMONT joins FAYAT Group and becomes a part of what is now called the Road building division and includes other brands like MARINI, SAE, SECMAIR, BREINING ...
  • 1994
    A new Company is born: FAMARO
    Both ERMONT and RINCHEVAL merge and become FAMARO, while keeping their own trademark.
  • 2012
    ERMONT changes into MARINI-ERMONT
    ERMONT trademark becomes MARINI-ERMONT. A strategic evolution and reorganization for the global development of the Fayat mixing plants range. This evolution is due to a global reorganization of FAYAT Mixing Plants and their international development.
  • Today
    MARINI-ERMONT continues its strategy of development
    MARINI-ERMONT continues its strategy of development in terms of products, technologies, services, environment, order to meet our customer's requirements.